During February 2017, the Department of Mobiltat and Infrastructure, of the City Council of Barcelona, as promoter and manager of the INMAB project, launched the contracting process for:

  • the realization of vehicle counting.
  • Vehicle mobility surveys.
  • the update of the origin / destination matrix.
  • the calibration of the traffic model.
  • the analysis of the current traffic of les Rondes of Barcelona.

The purpose of the mentioned work was to make a comprehensive analysis of traffic and mobility, in the current operational situation of Les Ronde, based on the measured traffic indicators, with the traffic model and the field work carried out based on surveys. The work was assigned to the company MCrit.



In addition to the previous work, the need to improve the quality of the data was verified, especially those that refer to the transit traffic, which use Les Rondes for trips with origin-destination very far from their area of influence. For this, the mobility of Les Rondes was analyzed through data coming from mobile devices, GPS and floating vehicles. The company responsible for carrying out this analysis was Kineo.